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Gradius Collection
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Gradius Collection

Available for PSP
Game Information

If you're looking for a definitive collection of the World's best-ever shoot 'em ups, you've reached the end of your search right here. Gradius has been synonymous with top-notch blasting action since 1985 and has been the pioneering authority until today. The Gradius Collection is your chance to own the series in all its perfection, plus bonus features tracing the history of Vic Viper versus the scourge of the galaxies.

With its roots in arcade gameplay, this Gradius Collection is perfectly suited to PSP. Each level can be treated as a stand-alone challenge, and your progress saved at any time. If you're just getting started as a Vic Viper pilot, you will enjoy the challenge of facing each new wave of horizontally-scrolling levels, swarming with enemies and packed with tricky obstacles. In fact, we envy your maiden voyage of discovery! The more experienced players among you will want to better that high score and see how long you can survive without taking a hit.

The basic gameplay involves flying the iconic Vic Viper spaceship, shooting everything in its path, and collecting power-up capsules from certain defeated enemies. Cool new weapons, protective shields, and extra speed can be added to the Vic Viper for improved performance. Another Gradius claim-to-fame is the menu system used to select weapons, adding an element of strategy and greatly adding to the tension.

Gradius is especially famous for its creative design, with some enemies resembling Easter Island heads spitting mouthfuls of lethal spores, giant golden dragons, and monstrous firebirds that try to incinerate you with their wings. Fantastic encounter such as these are the reason most people cannot rest until they've battled all the way through to the end.

Among the games included, Gradius I-IV are perfect conversions of the arcade originals from 1985-1999. Gradius Gaiden was originally released for PlayStation in 1997 but only in Japan, and so this is something we European fans can really treasure. All the games can be played in their original arcade aspect ratio, or stretched to fill the entire PSP screen.

Gradius Collection celebrates its legacy with a Gallery mode that includes movies from the series and audio tracks. Additional options allow purists to disable 'slowdown' making the gameplay faster, smoother and therefore more challenging.

Game Facts
Genre: Action
Release-Date: Out now
Players: 1
Age Rating: Minimum Age: 3 Minimum Age: 3
  • 5 of the greatest shoot 'em ups ever, yours to play on the move
  • Features every game in Konami's celebrated Gradius series
  • Gradius Gaiden is a brand new treat for all European blaster fans
  • Celebrates the legacy of Gradius with exclusive multimedia galleries
  • View the action in full-screen PSP mode or in original arcade ratio

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Average Score: 9.2
Votes: 13
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